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Rosicrucian Society



 American Rosicrucian Society  ARS

The First Rosicrucian Brotherhood

The Lodge of Perfection - Loge de Parfaits Established in The Territory of Louisiana in 1764 

ARS ⊕ The Oldest Rosicrucian Society ©
Rose Croix - Rosicrucian Body  - Founded 1764

 The First High Degree Masonic Brotherhood in the Continental USA.
“Before the Declaration of Independence, and Before the Illuminati & the Skull and Bones”

Rosicrucian SRIA Rose Cross Masonic Society Secret Mason Freemason America Lodge

Loge de Parfaits d' Écosse ™ Est. 1764 

This website contains the ancient secrets of the Rosicrucians and Society of Rose Cross Orders. The path to awaken your greater powers is explained herein. A history of the order and some of their greatest teachings and exercises are included in our books .

For the first time, a seeker can truly study the metaphysical strategies which can rapidly advance the reader to the next level of happiness, awareness, success, and health. Founded in 1764, the Secret Lodge of Perfection preceded the Illuminati in what would later become the United States of America. Today, the wisdom has been passed on and now revealed to the seeker for the 1st time.

ARO American Rosicrucian Order The Society and Fraternity of Rose Croix Rosicrucian Order America's Oldest Rose Croix Order &  Fraternity Lodge

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The Rosicrucian Masonic Metaphysics and Handbook - Order of The Rosy Cross Temple and The Loge de Parfait 1764

The Manifesto of The American Rosicrucian Order - ARO